Our Business

With the spirit of innovation coursing through our veins, we transcend conventional limits, embracing the unknown with boldness and curiosity. Our line of business beckons dreamers and pragmatists alike, uniting them in a shared quest to fathom the great blue expanse and illuminate the profound wonders it holds.

Marine Superintending

  • P&I Survey
  • H&M Survey
  • On/Off Hire Survey
  • Condition Survey
  • Risk Review Survey
  • Draft Survey
  • Damage & Investigation Survey¬†

  • Bunker Survey
  • Securing and Towage Survey
  • Pre-Entry Survey
  • Vetting
  • Pre-Purchase Survey
  • Ultrasonic Test

Cargo Services

  • Cargo Contamination Investigation
  • Cargo Damage Survey
  • Others survey
  • Loss Contro/Prevention
  • Stowage and Lashing Survey

  • Pre-shipment and Outurn Survey
  • Liquid Cargo Survey
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Pre-loading Survey
  • Tally Supervision

Consultation and Advisory

  • Indonesian Port Information
  • Indonesian Safe Passage Consultation

  • Owner’s Protective Agent (OPA)
  • Others