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Maritime News

MV Serasi I was en route from Patimban to Belawan when it collided with MV Batanghari Mas, leading to a breach in the hull of MV Serasi I and water ingress. The ship eventually sank on on the early morning of 1st December 2023, all the 17 crew members on board, including Captain were rescued and in safe condition (preliminary information).

There is a buoy installed at the SERASI I with the details as follows:

Name of Buoy : –

Kind of Buoy : New Wreck

Construction : Pillar

Top mark : +

Color : Yellow and Blue

Light : Bu1.0s+0.5s+Y1.0S+0.5S (Blue and Yellow)

Geoposition : Lat. 02-42.191’ S – Long.105-51.060’ E

HM Office : KSOP Class V Muntok

Valid date : Wednesday, 09th August 2023

All vessel who passed the Bangka at vicinity of the grounded Lat. 02-42.191’ S – Long.105-51.060’ E shall maintain a safe radius to the the buoy.

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