Indonesia Archipelagic Sealanes

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Indonesia holds the unique distinction of being the world’s first and only archipelagic state to have designated Archipelagic Sea Lanes (ASLs). However, the International Maritime Organization has recognized these ASLs as only partial. Incidents involving international trading vessels occurring outside the ASLs lines may lead to fines or lawsuits, potentially due to environmental damage or obstruction of Indonesian jurisdiction.

The primary purpose of ASLs is to facilitate continuous international shipping and flights while preserving Indonesian territorial waters and airspace. These designated routes connect the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, providing ample depth for vessels of all sizes and ensuring safe and innocent passage for international trading vessels. Emergency and rescue teams are strategically positioned near the ASLs to respond promptly to any unforeseen emergencies.

To ensure smooth and safe navigation, it is strongly recommended to adhere to the ASLs routes as prescribed by the Indonesian government. The ASLs routes are as follows:

  1. ASL I via the Sunda Strait – Karimata Strait – Natuna Sea – South China Sea.
  2. ASL II via the Lombok Strait – Makassar Strait – Sulawesi Sea.
  3. ASL III A via the Sawu Sea – Ombai Strait – Banda Sea – Seram Sea – Maluku Sea – Pacific Ocean.
  4. ASL III B via the Timor Sea – Leti Strait – Banda Sea – Seram Sea – Maluku Sea – Pacific Ocean.
  5. ASL III C via the Arafuru Sea – Banda Sea – Seram Sea – Maluku Sea – Pacific Ocean.

The ASLs graphic as follow:

ASL Illustration

Please note that the above grapich is for reference only and not to be used for a navigation purpose.

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